Plug and Play


Owners of documents are provided with an online document creation tool. To create, update and approve documents.

Intuitive app:

Mobile phone app enables user to browse or search for documents, Bookmark frequently used documents into a favourites section. Updated guidelines/policies are also flagged in the app.

Fast staff access

Native mobile app (Android & iOS) or Mobile web and web access + iFrame to Trust intranet.

‘Instantly find and share leaflets with patients’

Patient Information Leaflet’s can be instantly shared with patients (generic email or QR code)


Through analytics, track the status/compliance of content for Trust reporting and CQC. Track usage of documents to manage departmental adherence to best practice.

Quick Setup

Initial 3 month preparation which includes integration with NHS Trust (including uploading Trust and external guidelines, Patient Information Leaflets, integration with SSO (Single Sign on) and dashboard configuration setup (permissions /approval group and analytics)