Document Management Systems NHS

MyStaff app Benefits

MyStaff app has some key benefits over traditional NHS Trust document management and delivery systems, both for frontline staff and document owners.


Staff benefits

  • Access to essential documentation in real-time, from a portable handheld device.
  • Significant time saving achieved by non-sharing of terminals or intranets.
  • Quantifiable time savings contributing to Trust efficiency targets.
  • Efficient, on-demand local and remote access to essential documentation.
  • Improvement in patient safety.
  • QR Code reader for immediate information access.
  • Immediate access to patient care documents and leaflets.



Trust benefits

  • Real-time creation, distribution, management, and updating of documents.
  • MyStaff app delivers reminders of the documentation lifecycle and critical updates.
  • Monitoring documentation delivery to staff and proof of receipt/engagement levels.
  • Single source of truth of all documentation.
  • 1 Week to integrate
  • Securely cloud-hosted in the UK and fully backed up.
  • Easy partner integration.
  • Fast search function for immediate document access.
My Staff App