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How a £3.7m saving over 3 years gives time back to help reduce patient waiting lists.​

Document creation, management and mobile app.

Face to face interviews with 101 clinical medical staff in Maternity departments across 3 hospitals and 2 community hubs in Mid & South Essex NHS Trust in summer 2022, combined with recent research into frontline staff as well as senior managers of document governance has revealed a real time saving of over 17,000 hours in one NHS Hospital alone.

A real opportunity to 'Give Time Back' to help reduce NHS patient waiting lists.

The testimonials

Our clients have witnessed our approach to solving complex problems with data.  See for yourself

  • Consultant Obstetrician & Gynaecologist, Labour Ward Lead
    "In fact, all junior doctors and consultants would font this useful, its a huge step forward for ease and speed of access"
    Consultant Obstetrician & Gynaecologist, Labour Ward Lead
  • Phlebotomist - anti-natal clinic
    "Its worth having fast access to guidelines as it will save baby's lives"
    Phlebotomist - anti-natal clinic
  • Student Midwife
    "I'm so excited; I know that's really sad isn't it! It takes me ages to get hold of a policy/document normally".
    Student Midwife
  • Bank Staff Nurse
    "Current way you need to fight everyone for a computer, then login and go through to the hub and then guess the keywords."
    Bank Staff Nurse
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55,000 hours

Time Savings = Reduced Waiting Lists

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