My Staff App

Critical documents delivered instantly to front line healthcare staff.

MyStaff app - real time creation, management and delivery of new documentation, and instant reference access for key staff, offering huge daily time savings for frontline staff and managers that helps to reduce waiting lists.

Native mobile app

No more waiting for hospital terminals to be free - with MyStaff app, critical policies and guidelines are instantly available at your fingertips.

Immediate hierarchical access, from the palm of the hand, on site or remotely, literally in seconds.

Plug and play


Owners of documents are provided with an online document creation tool. To create, update, and approve documents in minutes, for immediate staff access.

Fast staff access

Native mobile app (Android & iOS) or mobile web and web access + iFrame to Trust intranet.

Instantly find and share leaflets with patients

Patient information leaflets can be instantly shared with patients (generic email or QR code)


Through analytics, track the status/compliance of content for Trust reporting and CQC. Track usage of documents to manage departmental adherence to best practice.
MyStaff app

Quick Set-up

Typical timeframe is 1-3 months, which includes onboarding the Trust (including uploading Trust and external guidelines, documents patient information leaflets).

Temps and Agency

The perfect solution for temporary staff and locums. Immediate hierarchical access levels giving immediate access to key information.

Easy QR Referencing

MyStaff app allows easy and instant QR code reading of equipment and machinery via a hand-held device, saving time, and improving efficiency.

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Our team has been working together since the mid-2000s, delivering disruptive digital solutions.
Our solution also caters for temporary staff, ensuring that all NHS Trust standards and regulations are met.
The new system will improve patient safety, simplify corporate governance and boost CQC performance.
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MyStaff app

17.000+ hours saved p/a

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