MyStaff app Specs

Upstream document governance tools

  • Pre-configured template (for Authors /owners).
  • Auto generation of document reference numbers.
  • Integrated approval workflows.
  • Reminder tags for authors (to update/ approve docs).
  • AI/Machine Learning automated backend data input.

Downstream web and app interfaces

  • Fast search (up to 60x faster than hospital intranet).
  • Mobile-optimised PDF scrolling.
  • Ability to increase text size and background colour.
  • Favourites (bookmarked) documents tab.
  • QR codes on hospital machines are deep linked to instructions on app.
  • Notification in app of new policy update.
  • Patient Information Leaflets emailed/QR code direct to patient’s phone.
  • Multimedia experience (YouTube etc) to patients.
MyStaff App




  • Identify how much of a document has been read by staff, and when.
  • AI prediction of future non-compliant departments.



From document creation through to distribution in one single workflow.

MyStaffapp is a closed-loop and auditable solution delivering efficiencies that releases time (speeds up both the creation and access of documents) and improves patient safety.